Gift Giving Guidelines

Already making a batch of playa gifts and want to add a few to the Gift-o-Matic? Awesome! just have a wonderful gift you want to share with the community? Great!

By Mail

Mail gifts to:

The Crafty Avenger
6050 Lowell Street, Ste. 212
Oakland, CA 94608


Gifts can be dropped off in North Oakand at Ace Monster Toys Makerspace by appointment.

Click here to book an drop-of appointment

If none of the times in the link for for you please email me with 3 alternate times that do work on and I will see what we can do!

Size and weight

  • Gifts should be no more than 3inches by 3 inches by 3inchs in size. They must fit in a 4″ sphere
  • They should not weigh more than 1/3 of a pound


  • Please be mindful that many of the folks interacting with the Gift-o-Matic will be children. Do not include offensive material or porn. You know the difference.
  • Make sure that your gifts do not have edges that can cut people (such as a broken glass mosaic pendant).
  • While you may add a small note to your gift about the artist or creator such as a website URL this is not an advertising channel. Use good taste, give a gift.
  • Add notes about what Burning Man camp your gift is associated with if relevant.


The Museum is a protected environment with treasures we all love. In order to protect them there are very specific guidlines on what we can and cannot bring in. Please read the complete OMCA Conservation guidelines.

The cliff notes:

  • No flamible liquids
  • No toxic subsances or powders
  • No fluids
  • No food or cosmetics (sorry, no cusom lip balms)
  • No loose glitter (Eco glitter is only okay if it is very well sealed in epoxy or similar)
  • No living or dried flowers
  • No soil (sorry no seed bombs)
  • The following materials will need to be treated (frozen) to ensure they don’t carry any spores or critters:
    • Animal materials such as feathers, fur, skins, and bone
    • Textiles containing wool, silk, or other animal-based/organic materials
    • recycled wood (driftwood, crates, boxes, pallets, etc.)
    • Any materials of uncertain origin