Next level participation

Coming together in true Burning Man fashion people have the opportunity to engage and support Gift-O-Matic in a variety of ways!

Give Gifts

Already making a batch of playa gifts and want to add a few to the Gift-O-Matic? Awesome! Please read these gift guidelines and drop-off details.

Volunteer with OMCA

Ready to dive in and volunteer during the No Spectator: The Art of Burning Man exhibition? Click here:

Be a Creation Guide

Gift-o-Matic Creation Guides help folks make slightly more complex gifts in 4 hour Pop-up windows of time. These special Pop-up events happen every other weekend during the exhibit.

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Make Gifts

Woring with the lots of people at once not your thing? Never fear you can still be part of the Gift-o-Matic fun! There will be a variety of gift-making and build events starting in July and going all the way through December. See the events section on this site to RSVP!

Chip-in to support Gift-o-Matic

Gift-o-Matic became real with the generous support of OMCA and Ace Monster Toys Makerspace. Even with this wonderful support the artists and fabriators of Gift-o-Matic could use your support to bring the best quality exprience to the build and the Oakland community… we all know about the Bay Area economy.

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